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...as a terminal manager I am proud to manage the only AEO certified terminal in Hungary.
— Ákos Moldovan - Terminal Manager

The town of Törökbálint is located in the proximity of Budapest within a Logistic Centre, named Depo Logisitic Ltd. which serves the terminal.

Törökbálint Kombi Terminal Ltd. is heavy asset-based company owning reach stackers and other loading equipment. It currently employs 12 staff.


The terminal is next to the M1 highway leading to Vienna, Bratislava and to M7 highway to Rijeka and Koper without approaching Budapest at all. In terms of rail connection, the terminal is 2 kms away from the main international railway track linked to the West Rail track to Vienna, Duisburg and Hamburg, and it is 8 kms away from the main rail track connecting to the Adriatic Ports. 

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Technical Data

Technical Data


Terminal Data

Opening Hours

Railway Shunting Service


Nominal Capacity

Stacking Yard

Maximum No. Trains per week

Length of Tracks

Reach Stackers





Mon - Fri      06.00-18.00

Mon - Sun   06.00-21.45

16,000 m2

58,400 TEU

640 TEU

10 Trains

3 Tracks with 180,111,111 meters

SMV 4531/4531 TB5, Svetruck

14 pcs

24/7 fully electronic


Flexible during the night and weekends

except Saturday


avg 5 days turn around time


500 meter, with 15 hours opening

402 meters in total

45 tons,35 tons 5-4 high


5,000,000 EUR own bond